Our Process

Easy and Enjoyable!

Remodeling is disruptive, stressful, and dirty. There – we said it! Even selecting products, colors, etc. can be stressful. Our goal is to minimize the disruptive nature of remodeling and make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients. 

Our process starts with years of experience. We’ve done this a lot and take pride in working together for awesome outcomes! You can expect your experience with us to follow this format:

Initial Visit – Our goal here while assessing your project is to get to know you. How you live. What’s important to you. What are your concerns. How can we help to achieve functional and aesthetic goals. What are your needs and wants. Oh yeah – and what’s the budget, the thing nobody wants to talk about. 

Estimating – Our next step is to get you a quote. This will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. It will typically consist of an estimate, basic drawing, and a scope of work. For large projects that require an architect, there would be a cost for that which we would communicate with you.

Hiring us – Upon approval, we will then develop more details for the project. 

Pre-production – We create a work schedule based on product lead times and your schedule. We also have the payment schedule listed there too, so as the project progresses, you know when we’ll ask for a payment. Any changes along the way are agreed to and usually applied on the next payment.

Any revisions, product selections, detail drawings, obtaining permits, etc. will be completed. We work hand in hand with you during the selection process ensuring you get the look and quality for your project while keeping the budget in mind along the way. We also share our experience with products and past clients so that you are informed while making decisions. 

We also schedule a pre-production walk-through with our operations manager and any key employees or trades people. This helps us plan further, and we also discuss how we operate in your home such as gaining access, parking, dust control plan, and your family/work schedules.

Production – Once a start date is scheduled, we’ll conduct ourselves according to the schedule provided. We will communicate daily when and who will be there and strive to work clean and tidy up at the end of the day. We will close up too, and if the weather is a concern will ensure we’re prepared.

Our operations manager will be your key contact, and usually one or two employees will be there often with trades.

Finish – We secretly compete against ourselves to finish the job on time. It’s kind of a character defect LOL. We realize we are guests, and want to get you finished on time, on budget, without skipping steps or compromising quality. Near completion, we will develop a ‘punchlist’ with you to make sure everyone understands what is left to get your project completed. It’s a tall order, but to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt – “Nothing worth doing is easy”

We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but we can also handle any other type of remodeling project you may have. Get inspired with photos from our recent projects!